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My name is Sydney, and I'm a Montréal-based singer and voice teacher.

Scroll down to learn more about me, my philosophy, my teaching style, and voice lesson rates.

Sydney Frodsham Headshot
My Philosophy

My Philosophy

I believe anyone can learn how to sing. 

It doesn’t matter how old or young, how experienced or inexperienced you are—singing is a skill. Like any skill, with practice, patience, and the proper attitude, you can become better. 
My teaching experience includes:
Children ages 8 and up
Adults of all ages
Men and women
Musical Theatre
Virtual lessons
In-person lessons
Group classes

My Teaching Style

I love helping students become more comfortable and confident with their voices.

My lessons are filled with learning solid vocal technique, musical comprehension, how to express yourself through song, and hopefully a lot of fun along the way. I teach in a way that is adaptable to your needs and goals, whether that’s to do great at an audition or simply have time in your week to do something creatively fulfilling. 
Because each student and lesson is unique, the concepts we cover will vary between students. However, these are the most common skills you learn during voice lessons:
Breathing for singing
Correct posture
Proper phonation
Aural skills
How to read music
How to interpret music
Feeling comfortable singing
Singing dynamics
Singing in different languages
Acting for singing

My Teaching Style

Lesson Rates and Packages

Voice Lesson Rates*

*I teach on Zoom, in person at my place, and in person at my student’s place. If you’d like me to teach at your house/apartment/condo, you must live within a reasonable distance of a Montreal Metro station and have a working keyboard or piano. I also charge $10 more per lesson if I travel to where you live, which are reflected in the prices below.

For more information, please check out the FAQs below.



1 / How long should my lessons be?

That’s up to you! If you’re not used to singing or taking lessons, I generally recommend starting with 30-minute lessons. You can always increase your lesson time later if you want.

2 / Can I take more than one lesson a week?

Absolutely! If it works for both of our schedules, I’m happy to teach more than once a week.

3 / Do I have to take lessons weekly?

Only the Weekly Lesson Plan requires weekly lessons. Otherwise, individual lessons and Lesson Bundles allow you to book lessons whenever you want, whether that’s once in a while or multiple times a week.

4 / How do the lesson bundles work?

You pick whichever bundle you want and prepay for the lessons. You can schedule your lessons whenever you want, even if they’re weeks or months apart.

5 / What ages do you teach?

Anyone age 8 and up! I’ve taught kids, teenagers, and adults with varying levels of experience.

6 / What do you accept as payment?

Cash, eTransfer, Venmo, and PayPal.

7 / Will you teach at my house/apartment?

I am willing to teach at your house/apartment, but it must:

  1. Be within a reasonable (~10min) walking distance from a Montreal Metro station

  2. Have a working piano or keyboard


I also charge an extra $10 per lesson if I am going to your house/apartment

8 / Are voice lessons worth the money?

Definitely! Music lessons of any sort are a wonderful way to explore your creativity, learn a new skill, and practice discipline and perseverance (to name a few things). If you find value in those things, have always wanted to learn how to sing, and have the income, voice lessons are more than worth it.

9 / Do virtual lessons work?

Yes! They can be very effective. They’re not the same as being in person, but a lot of good work and vocal progress can be made online. Plus, you never have to leave your house!

10 / What’s your cancellation policy?

If you cancel a lesson less than 24 hours in advance, you still need to pay for the missed lesson, and I will not make it up. If I cancel a lesson less than 24 hours in advance, I will reschedule the lesson. 

11 / What days do you teach?

Every day except Sundays and widely celebrated holidays.

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